Sawdust Art Festival

Friday, July 2-Sunday, September 5, 2021

Open daily: 11am to 7pm, Sunday-Thursday and 11am to 10pm, Friday and Saturday.

Sawdust Art Classes

SAC Virtual features pre-recorded or live virtual art classes online every week. Check them out!

Sawdust Festival 2021

Individual, funky, creative, unique, inspiring and magical – Sawdust Art Festival has been home to more than a thousand local artists since its inception in 1967. Learn about our Summer Show here.

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Clay artists, or mud masters, will tell you this special kind of earth is extremely versatile. You can throw it, roll it, pour it, or sculpt it into beautiful art pieces or functional vessels.

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One thing that all textile artists have in common is their absolute love of fabric, fibers and textures. It's a bit of an addiction.

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Working with glass is both mesmerizing and chaotic at the same time. To watch the fluidity of the glass, can put you in a trance like state. To constantly be working on a razors edge of creation and failure can absolutely break you as an artist.

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Working with jewelry is creating little sculptures that have to both be an adornment while functionally sound. I think it has the widest range of artistic interpretations of any medium as well as audiences. 

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The intense aroma of leather is a catalyst for any leatherworker. The hide, like a lover demands trust, instinct, honor and refinement of skill.

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Metal Work

When you work the metal and hammer it into shape when metal is cold, you’re a whitesmith.  When you hammer the metal while hot, you’re a blacksmith.

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As a named category of, "Mixed Media", the label synthesizes two pre-existing syntheses as if they were something new, leaving the definition of what it is, for purposes of rationalization

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Translating thoughts into patterns and colors, a painter truly practices a magical blend of imagination and technical skill.

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Photography have evolved perhaps more than any other medium. Sawdust artists turn their focus from the stars in the tide pools to the stars in distant galaxies.

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Sculpture is a parable in three dimensions, a symbol of a spiritual experience, and a means of conveying truth by concentrating its essence into visible form.

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The trees are my grandparents. Our oldest relatives. When they lay down to die, we come along and give them life in another form so we continue to live together.

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Sawdust offers year-round art classes

Festival Classes

Over 500 art classes are offered at the Sawdust Art Festival during festival season at three demo booths, covering a wide variety of arts and crafts for all ages.

Sawdust Art Classes

Sawdust Art Classes provides a platform for Sawdust artists to teach their unique trade to the public in the festival off season, while highlighting the artistic history of Laguna Beach.

Shared Experiences

A real happening…real art and artists… Personal…an inside look at the lives and creations from Laguna Beach artists. Not computer generated—imagine that. Its so refreshing! 

Linda P.

It’s super cute, perfect to walk around and connect with the locals. I found some art I liked and bought as well. So fun!

Erin O.

It was magical.

Rick D.

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