2010 Sawdust Art Festival Welcomes 22 New Artists

Posted on July 13, 2010 by Sawdust Art Festival

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June 1, 2010
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2010 Sawdust Art Festival Welcomes 22 New Artists
(The 2010 Sawdust Art Festival runs June 25 through August 29)

Laguna Beach, CA – The 44th Annual Sawdust Art Festival proudly welcomes 22 new artists to our Sawdust family.   Eight of these first-time artists share thoughts about their craft and about their first major exhibition at the Sawdust Art Festival.

Judy Baker, painting – If you’re not an artist when you move to Laguna, you soon want to be. The wealth of artistic knowledge and the generosity shown by those who share it can’t be found anywhere else. Over 35 years ago, my husband and I bought our wedding rings at the Sawdust. It is part of my history, and this summer I will be a part of the history of the Sawdust Art Festival!

Sandra Jones Campbell, mixed media – As a local artist for over 23 years, the Sawdust allows me an opportunity to show my prints and paintings in an energetic popular venue.   I’m planning and look forward to a fun summer!

Katie Clark, photography – My inspiration to become an artist was a result of being the photographer hired to shoot the Up Close and Personal Ad Campaign for the Sawdust in 2007. I also was lucky enough to have a show of these images at Seven Degrees in June 2007. From this connection with the Sawdust artists and the Laguna Beach Art community I realized I had found my tribe! I have been living in Laguna Beach for almost 20 years now and have wanted to be an artist in the festivals since the first time I walked through the door.

Lisa Genesta, jewelry – I am very excited to exhibit at the Sawdust. I have lived in the canyon for 20 years and finally decided to join my husband, whom is a photographer at the Sawdust. Our son, Adam, will also be a debuting musician this summer, so it is a family affair!

Stephen Krupnik, photography – I’ve never really shown my photographs to the public, and exhibiting at the Sawdust, with its great ambiance and reputation, now gives me the opportunity to share my images (and experiences) with a wide range of people. Plus, the chance to interact with so many other artists and photographers from Laguna, seeing what they do, learning from them, developing new friendships, is something I am definitely looking forward to.

Heather LeBrun Reynard, painting – My parents and my sister have consistently supported my dream of becoming a professional artist and have never stopped encouraging me to participate in the Sawdust. I am very excited about the Sawdust because I will be becoming a part of something that I have been visiting and enjoying for so many years.   I am looking forward to working along side so many talented and creative people.

Mira Lisa Schiratis, mixed media – I don’t know if I was inspired to become an artist so much as I was destined to be an artist, for if I do not create art, I am living a false life. The quote that carries me as an artist is by Paul Gauguin, “Art is either plagiarism or a revolution.” I have wanted to be in the Sawdust since I was a little girl! It is a dream that has lived with me since the first time I came here, and now it is here and I have so much support from many great friends in town.

Kristi Smith, mixed media – I am fulfilling a 21-year-long dream. I spoke to artists at my first festival in 1989 about how they were living their dream. I have followed the “do what you love, and the money will come” prophetic and here I am now, excited more than words can convey.

Fourteen other new artists are excited about exhibiting at the 2010 Sawdust Art Festival:
Artist Name                     Media                
• Michael Brindley              Painting
• David Campbell              Jewelry
• Leila Edhaie                                   Mixed Media
• Amy Rose Hammond       Mixed Media
• Michelle Hutchinson              Mixed Media
• Alexandra Knoff              Photography
• Diana Luchetti              Painting
• Jenny Chen Morgan       Mixed Media
• James Nordstrom              Photography
• Naomi Schoenherr              Mixed Media
• Scott Schoenherr              Ceramics
• Scott Sporleder              Photography
• Dawn Spurlock              Glass
• Sara VanDyck              Clothing

To check out more details about the Sawdust Art Festival’s 44th annual summer season and calendar of events, please visit www.sawdustartfestival.org or call 949-494-3030. The Sawdust Art Festival is located at 935 Laguna Canyon Road in Laguna Beach with free City trolley service to and from the Act V parking lot. Admission prices are: Adults $7.75, Seniors (65+) $6.25, Children (6-12) $3.25, Children (5 & under) Free; Summer Season Pass $15; Annual Pass $20.

The Sawdust Art Festival is a non-profit art organization dedicated to educating the public and promoting the art created in Laguna Beach.

The Sawdust Art Festival thanks its 2010 sponsors Honda, 104.3 MYfm, Hoegaarden and Kendall-Jackson.