2013 Sawdust Artist Series: Shamus Koch

Posted on July 15, 2014 by Sawdust Art Festival

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The latest episode in our 2013 Sawdust Artist Video Series features found object welder, Shamus Koch. A veteran exhibitor at the Sawdust, Koch takes industrial waste and transforms it into fine art.   Or, as his Art professor pointed out, he “takes chaos and creates order.”

Koch’s joy over his craft is palpable. He claims, “he doesn’t ever work, he just plays.” He is a true visionary and can visualize his sculptures in their finished forms by simply perusing the salvage yards for found objects.

It is the spontaneity and immediate gratification that comes from being able to fabricate his visions, that keep Koch coming back to the Sawdust year after year.

Watch Koch as he demonstrates his process and get a glimpse into his unique medium.