50th Anniversary Memory Walk

Posted on August 15, 2016 by Sawdust Art Festival

What better way to take in the beauty of the Sawdust than strolling down the aisles, taking in the art, and absorbing some interesting Sawdust Art Festival history! The unique roots of the Sawdust make for an entertaining and educational waltz through the grounds and includes works of art done by a multitude of Sawdust artists. The Memory Walk begins before even entering the grounds with our newly installed, handmade bicycle rack located just in front of the Sawdust gates. Although these flowers may appear whimsical and earthy, Sawdust artist Liz Avalon crafted each individual piece with functionality in mind. “Bicycle Garden” is  a safe haven  for resting bikes and an eye-catching installation for the public to enjoy.SONY DSC

Step inside the Sawdust grounds to find that the surprises keep coming! Upon entering you will immediately be greeted by a retro VW bus, provided and repaired by Sawdust artist Troy Poeschl and painted by fellow Sawdust artist Star Shields. Star has been exhibiting at the Sawdust Festival since the early days and is known for the same psychedelic airbrush art that adorns the shell of the bus, while Troy’s craftsmanship used to revamp the interior is only a sneak peek of what can be seen in his art.  

IMG_9852-smallOnce you take a selfie with the bus, you will be drawn towards the exits! No, you won’t be leaving. You will be gazing at the shimmering magnitude of glass and steel that are the new emergency gates. The handblown glass pieces were crafted by Sawdust artists Gavin Heath and Larry Gill and are inspired by the eucalyptus leaves found all over the sawdust covered walkways. Each individual glass piece weighs up to 40 pounds and is illuminated once the sun goes down,  sending  rays of light through the spirals of color of each blade. These gates will have you running for the exits!

summer_2012_grounds_map_exhibitors_versionAll of these features are but only three of 15 must-see stops on our Sawdust Memory Walk including multiple handcrafted benches, sculptures, a history display, an interactive chalk wall, a retro poster display, a number of heritage murals, and a totally revamped Sawdust shop! To experience the Sawdust Memory Walk and witness the Sawdust artists in all their glory, come visit the Sawdust Art Festival in it’s 50th celebration! Open daily from 10am-10pm until August 28.

We hope to see you all down at the Sawdust!