Artist Feature: Jeff Lavinsky – Booth 341

Posted on July 18, 2016 by Sawdust Art Festival

Sawdust Art Festival Artist Feature

Jeff Lavinsky


On an elementary school field trip, artist Jeff Lavinsky had an “aha!” moment when he saw Wyland’s mural at the Long Beach Convention Center. The artist’s colorful representation of the beauty of marine life left Lavinsky in awe. When he realized that he could do that as a career, he knew he wanted to pursue art. Since then, he’s been merging a passion for art and a deeply-rooted sense of spirituality to create his unique paintings – including his most recent series of paintings which merge portraits of animals and mandalas to show how one can transcend the ego and recognize one’s true animal nature.

A Laguna local for six years, Lavinsky takes much of his inspiration from the art community around him.