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Baruch Kaufman


Kaufman, Baruch



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Original Fountain Pendant, $87

10mm Mystic Topaz set in Sterling Silver. Includes a 16, 18, or 24 inch rope chain. Also available in 14K Gold Filled Metal as well at the same price.


Original Fountain Design Set with Champagne Topaz

Champagne Topaz Color CZ in 14k Gold Filled Metal

7 carats gem in the pendant and the earring gems are 2.5 carats each.  Length of the earrings is approximately 1.25 in. Pendant total length is approximately 2 inches. Also available in Sterling Silver. Includes a rope chain in 16, 18, or 24 inches


Pendant $95.00

Earrings $95.00

Set price is $147.00


Original Lyric Pendant, $95

Sterling Silver with a lab-grown White Mystic Topaz

This beautiful pendant can be worn with everything at it is a clear gem with rainbow iridescence. Gem size and weight is 10mm and 6.5 carats. Total length 2.25 inches approximately. Also available in 14k Gold Filled Metal. Includes a rope chain either 16, 18, 24 inches.


Original Lyric Pendant with Fountain Drop Earrings

Beautiful Gift for Mother’s Day. Sterling Silver with Natural Dutch Blue Topaz. Pendant gem is 9 carats in weight and total length of the piece is approximately 2.75 inches. Earring gems are 2.5 carats each and length is 1.5 inches. The set is also available in 14k Gold Filled Metal. Includes a rope chain 16, 18, 24” in length.


Pendant $167.00

Earrings $112.00

Set price $220.00


Original Fountain Drop Earrings, $84

Gold with Diamond Color CZ’s. Gems are 8mm and 2.5 carats each, the total length is 1.25 inches, the metal is 14k Gold Filled. They are also available in Sterling Silver. The length is approximately 1.25-1.5 inches.