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Carole Boller


Boller, Carole



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Something about the paintings of Carole Boller gives pause, then brings pleasure.  Perhaps it is the energy of the colors, or the feeling of curiosity one gets from the beach scenes. Umbrellas and ocean beckon one to enter, while retaining interesting secrets about what is down the beach.
Boller doesn’t raise an objection about the paintings being happy.   She won’t even think about putting a canvas on the easel unless there is something about the scene that grabs her heart and tells a story through light and color.  “If I don’t receive a non-verbal message, I don’t paint,”  she says candidly.
Besides her aesthetic adoration of light she’s attracted to water as is demonstrated through her early works around Lake Michigan and surrounding lakes. “Painting in the midwest weather was difficult, no matter what season. The shadows were dull and created a challenge to find fresh color.”  No wonder she headed for the ocean and Newport Beach in the 90’s.
Living in Antibes, France was the catalyst that caused Boller to hone her skills in seeing the usual in an unusual way.  Experiencing the isolation and difficulty in speaking a foreign language emphasized the importance of looking at art as a non-verbal communication.  “It was incredibly challenging.  It changed my perspective on the power of art to persuade an audience.”
Transformation is at the heart of Boller’s paintings.  Each time she paints she approaches the canvas without baggage. Her concept for the piece begins without a preconceived attachment to what “should be” and lets the work evolve and communicate through shadows and color. Intrigued by light, she relies on the sensitivity of her eye and clarity of her memory to keep the scene alive as she intuitively reaches for opaque pigments that transform into translucent atmosphere when juxtaposed on canvas.  When looking at one of her paintings, one partakes in the pleasure she surely felt in achieving her goal, and thus is also transformed by her vision.
“Color is my day long obsession and joy.   It washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”   Carole Boller