Sawdust Artists


Christopher Jeffries


Jeffries, Christopher

Blown Glass


Artwork available for purchase. Please contact the artist directly to complete the sale.

Rock Wall Series

$14,250 – Dimensions are 8ft X 8ft

Shipping charges TBD

The rock wall installations are inspired by the river beds along the Russian River, located in Northern California. Just as our eyes are drawn to the unique, fluid shapes in nature, my rock wall series captures the flexible and organic flow in nature as the textured surface of the glass invites the viewer to come closer. I enjoy the challenge of making each form different in shape and size. Using color, I create pathways to lead the viewer’s eye.


Island Series

$16,200 – Dimensions are 8ft X 8ft

Shipping charges TBD

This series is inspired by my travels to various islands scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean.  I envision these installations as aerial snapshots of the island chains.   As I layout the compositions, I step back from the walls to see how the forms work together as they take on a larger shape. The empty space between forms becomes the simple beauty in the overall composition.


Intersection Series

$19,000 – Dimensions are 8ft X 8ft

Shipping charges TBD

Intersections occur as our paths cross in motion, and at a stand still.  When common lines and personalities come together, intersections form  and relationships take place. Finding a rhythm, and balance with the  lines that bond and join together becomes a focal point for this series.


Forms In Nature

$500 – $2500 – Dimensions vary depending on the piece

Shipping charges TBD

This series is inspired by a variety objects we find in Nature. I am drawn to the movement and tactile surface these pieces have. These pieces are sculpted out of multiple gathers of thick glass, shifting and pulling the glass in different directions gives each piece its unique texture and feel. I like the challenge of creating a form that has asymmetry to it, but yet still maintains it’s balance. No two pieces ever have the same shape, like in nature no two pieces are ever the same.


Time Together

$2800 – Dimensions are: Large bottle 28”in, Medium bottle 26”in, Small bottle 24”in

Shipping charges TBD

Spending time together and making good memories  is so important in our daily lives. Taking the time to stop, and enjoy the people we have in our lives is something I value so much. I like choosing soft colors that compliment and balance each other when they are grouped together.