Sawdust Artists


Nancy Deline

Art available for purchase. Please contact the artist directly to complete the sale.


Amber Sea Glass Necklace, $85

Sea glass found on Northern California shores.

Size of sea glass pieces, 1 to 1/2 inches.

Length of necklace 17 inches

All components are brass, chain is 50 year old vintage brass.


White Sea Glass Necklace, $38

30-inch length chain and sea glass piece is 1-3/4 inches long

Sea glass found on shores of Northern California.

All components are brass, chain is 50 year old vintage brass


Deep Green Sea Glass Pendant, $22

18-inch vintage brass chain and brass components.

Length of sea glass piece 1 inch.


Rare Sea Foam Colored Sea Glass Earrings, $40

This color is much harder to find. These pieces were found on the Northern California shores.

Length of sea glass approximately 1 inch

Sterling silver ear wires, other components are brass.


Lime Green Sea Glass Charm Bracelet, $105

15 pieces of fun, very worn sea glass that are harder to find in this color.

Two of the pieces are parts of old bottle tops!

All components are brass, aged for a vintage look.

This bracelet is adjustable from a very small wrist to a large size.



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