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Patti Klingenmeier


Klingenmeier, Patti



Art available for purchase. Please contact the artist directly to complete the sale.


All Patti’s People are made of polymer clay and shipped for $10. All characters can be personalized free of charge. Add a “from” message on back.


Patti Klingenmeier, a 40-year exhibitor at the Sawdust Art Festival, handcrafts whimsical figures using a combination of synthetic clays and polymers.   They are plastic-based materials which come in various colors, hand-sculpted and then baked in an oven. The materials used have a little “give” to them, but do not bend, and if treated properly, they will last a lifetime. Patti sculpts each figure herself and they are done individually, NO molds are used, but occasionally she will use a commercially made miniature to enhance certain creations. Special orders for specific colors, uniforms, hair-styles and other creative ideas are a welcome challenge.