Jamie Bichler

Posted on August 11, 2020 by Franky Duschane

My work is a combination of Nature and Empowerment with an emphasis on recycled metals. Making jewelry has been my passion for over twenty years and like the Raven, I love mixing style with themes of playfulness and awareness. My work is a reminder of the strength, love and joy that is within every one of us. A great day for me is sitting at my bench and making something I am proud of that I hope will delight someone. I was able to go full time as a metalsmith almost a decade ago and know every day that I have the best job I could ask for. I am never bored, my mind constantly coming up with new things to try, new directions my work can take. I have been blessed to connect with people all over the world who collect my work. Whether personal empowerment with the Clamshell line, connecting with our environment through my Honey line or Kelp Line, or the bond between the animals we share our homes with, I strive to move the world in a more positive direction, which is all we can humbly ask for.

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Brynne Cogorno

Posted on by Franky Duschane

Local Laguna Beach artist, Brynne Cogorno, has been creating art all her life. She graduated from the University of Colorado in 2007, where she received her bachelor of fine arts in painting and drawing.

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