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Alex Fritz

Alex Fritz
Phone: 760-518-4520
Mediums: Glass, Metal
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

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Alex Fritz
Alex Fritz

Alex Fritz was first introduced to flameworking back in 1998. As a student pursuing a degree in graphic design at SDSU, he moved in with a sweet couple who had a local glass business by the name of Glass Distractions. Taken in by the flame crafted creations and the process that produced them he began to frequent their studio. One day they asked Alex to give it a try and soon he was passionately consumed with this fascinating new medium. After several inspiring years apprenticing for his friends, he moved on to build a studio of his own. It was here that Alex began designing functional art directed at one of his and his lovely wife’s favorite pass times… wine drinking!

Over the years Alex Fritz’s Award Winning stemware and bottle tops have evolved and expanded into a breath taking variety of colors and styles. All of his hand blown creations are truly one of a kind. Each piece possesses its own individual style and beauty ranging from elegant to whimsical.

“I really hope everybody enjoys my glass as much as I enjoy creating them, Cheers!”