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Barbara Lolli

Barbara Lolli
Phone: 949-228-3030
Mediums: Glass, Jewelry
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

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Barbara Lolli

My fused glass art is functional pieces with a bit of whimsey inspired by the ocean. and filled with positive energy and joyful thoughts. My style is simple, clean, graphic style with a bit of whimsey. The pieces I make in glass come from wanting to make glass with that thought – peaceful, quiet and beautiful.

Each glass piece starts with a sketch, then choosing color, and cutting and firing the glass and polishing. Some pieces take days to make and are each individual pieces of handmade art. If you only see one, I can make whatever quantity you need, keeping in mind each is handmade and will vary slightly

My inspiration from this lovely California Beach town, the balance of the big spider who carefully builds his beautiful web each morning, my beautiful borzoi running across the beach, art, design of beautiful european autos or glass in all its beautiful texture, shape and color and traveling to other places.