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Carole Boller

Phone: 949-433-1400
Mediums: Painting
Exhibitor: Summer Festival

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Carole Boller

Carole Boller is an accomplished painter, and master colorist, based along the shores of the Pacific in Southern California. Her work has a style that draws from the art traditions of impressionism, abstract expressionism seasoned with Chiaroscuro to form a fascinating voice in paint.

Creativity or Process Boller’s concept begins without a preconceived attachment to what “should be,” and lets the work evolve, and communicate through shadows and color. She then combines both value and light that demand viewer interaction. Sometimes this interaction is intellectual, as in some paintings where the puzzle-like forms give way to the intrigue of broken brush strokes. Whereas in others, the interaction is physically inviting the viewer to “imagine” and be consumed by just form and space.

Transformation Living in Antibes, France was the catalyst that caused Carole to hone her skills and to look at the usual, in an unusual way. As she experienced the isolation and challenge of communicating in a foreign language, she found it emphasized the importance of looking at art as a non-verbal language. “It was an eye-opener. It significantly changed my perspective on the power and pleasure of painting a brilliant story on each canvas; a story that would allow the viewer the opportunity to wash away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.”