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Cydette Vikander

cydette vikander
Phone: 406-570-5700
Mediums: Painting
Exhibitor: Summer Festival

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cydette vikander
Cydette Vikander

Cydette’s interest in art began through the influence of her Grandmother’s tutelage in painting and her father’s expansive collection of fine art books. Her formal education began at the Paris American Academy of Art. Following Paris, she attended Otis Parsons School of Art in Los Angeles.

Her studies as a painter continued as she won a full grant to the Peoples’ Republic of China to be the guest artist in a Western/Eastern art exchange program. She has led numerous art and photography educational programs internationally.

Renowned in art for her American landscapes, she now pursues her passion in Laguna Beach, California. 

Cydette has received numerous awards, exhibited her artwork nationally and is part of corporate and private art collections around the world.