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David Campbell

Phone: 949-412-4235
Mediums: Jewelry
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

david campbell
David Campbell

Born and raised in Laguna beach, as a student, I was constantly drawing on the side of my papers in class, it was always clear to me that I was an artist. In 2007 I started welding hair combs and jewelry with Sawdust legend Earl Reid. After five amazing summers with Earl, gaining inspiration from him at the Sawduat, and the ocean, as a lifeguard in town, I decided to see what else I was capable of and began creating jewelry that I thought looked cool and beautiful. Since then, I have fallen hard into the amazing world of gemstones. The earth is full of amazing things and I am honored to share them with my amazing costumers, who are fully responsible for my growth as an artist, by demanding new designs every year!  They always like to hear that my work is found exclusively at the Sawduat festival!