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David Kizziar

david kizziar
Phone: 949-424-1527
Mediums: Painting
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

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david kizziar
David Kizziar

David Kizziar’s love of drawing began with a graphite pencil at the age of five, and despite having no formal art education, he had natural born talent that steadily evolved over the years to his current genre of photorealism. Primarily using only six shades of Prismascolor pencils on toned paper, David’s originals can take more than 300 hours to complete and look so uncannily realistic, they are often misinterpreted as photography. He is inspired by composition and the ability to portray movement, light and tone that capture the magic of art and emit a mood that reflect life’s camera.

David is also very passionate about motivating and inspiring others to create art and thus teaches his method through Sawdust Art Classes, welcoming all levels of experience to his Colored Pencil Seascapes class where he showcases the sepia process, sharing his technique of converting color into brown and white tonal values. Through his classes, he hopes to inspire confidence and individuality of expression, teaching his students how to perceive, calculate, construct, and develop shading with tonal dynamics.

When not exhibiting at the Sawdust Art Festival, David sells his work through Laguna Craft Guild, Dana Point Fine Arts Association, Knott’s Berry Farm and on his website –