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Deana Duffek

Phone: 949-395-6460
Mediums: Painting
Exhibitor: Summer Festival

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Deana Duffek
Deana Duffek

Deana Duffek is an award-winning artist, designer and a contributing writer for Interactive Artist Magazine.  She is steadily involved with various Art Exhibitions and Gallery Shows. She is a member of The Sawdust Art Festival, American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and Art Directors Club (ADC).

“I am an artist, designer, and developer, not necessarily in that order. For years, I told people I was a designer and worked in development, ‘and oh, by the way, I am an artist as well’. It’s how I saw myself I don’t exactly know when my viewpoint changed. I am still an active designer and developer, but at the heart of it all, I am an artist.

I am an authentic artist, a true problem solver. I find that my thinking, reading, experimentation, and exploration are all directed toward not only better art and development design, but also as a means for me to evolve creatively and utilize what I have learned to better serve others.”