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Holly Paris

Holly Paris
Phone: 949-290-5742
Mediums: Clothing, Leather, Painting, Sculpture
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

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Holly Paris
Holly Paris

For several years now, I have been a Sawdust Festival Artist. It was everything I’d dreamed it could be. There is a world of inspiration to be found at the Sawdust and I am constantly amazed at the awesome art produced by my fellow artists.

I have been an artist for longer than even I realized. By that I mean that I was under the impression that to be a “real” artist you had to paint in oils, carve stone or cast bronzes. Sometime ago I was explaining to a friend what I do for fun and they said oh you’re an artist. I guess I am an artist. I’m also a patron.

I enjoy things that are both useful and beautiful. Sometimes its fun to create something merely to be beautiful, however useful things should always be beautifully crafted. I believe that hand made things should be made to last. I believe in creating with quality in mind. I use the finest materials and try to find the most natural fibers to work with. I like to discover how and why things work. It’s not enough to know how to make something, I need to know how the ingredients are made and where they come from. I need to know how it was discovered, when and who made it work.