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John Lucero

john lucero
Phone: 949-497-7057
Mediums: Painting
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

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john lucero
John Lucero

I found I have been guided in my special style of painting.

At the age of twelve I was fortunate to receive a second place award for Amateur Art in the Yavapai County Fair.

This was at the time in my life when I began creating and developing my style of art; a style I would carry on to the present and beyond.

My work reveals an “ethereal concept” out of unlimited airy space. I feel the freedom to reach out and grasp motion, dance, mystery, and music. I strive to show three dimensions with color and comfortable repetition in Universal peace.

Being active in the art world throughout high school and college in Arizona, I moved to South Lake Tahoe, Grand Canyon Village Arizona. The atmosphere here in Laguna Beach is where I’ve found my home for 24 years with a wealth of inspiration and freedom for my own creativity, in a place I feel good in creating my own “style” of art.

I was chosen as a winner in Laguna’s Banner and Palette Competition and now one of my works is displayed every year on a prominent post in Laguna’s downtown area.