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Joshua King

Phone: 808-780-2407
Mediums: Photography
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

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josh king
Joshua King

Aloha, for me the art of landscape and nature photography is a very personal one. Growing up on the island of Kauai, I spent most of my time outdoors surrounded by the natural beauty of the island and sea. As a lifelong surfer, I have learned to be keenly aware of the conditions. Swell direction, wind, and tide all have profound effects the qualities of surf, and even micro changes in these elements have major effects on the ocean. Being at the right place at the right time when these elements are optimized for a particular location is at the heart of finding the best surf. Furthermore, the act of surfing has taught me to be in the present and react to the changes of the wave and ocean. This is what is at the core of the surfing experience. 

The parallels of surfing and landscape photography are uncanny. As a photographer I am always aware of the light conditions, the angle of the light relative to the subject, the wind, and even the ocean tides. Landscape photography requires that the photographer see these elements, their relationship to each other, and anticipate how they will affect the landscape. Rarely do I simply show up at a pretty location with my camera in hand and capture a memorable image. A good image is a result of watching and paying attention to the land, ocean, and conditions. Having the patients to wait for the conditions and elements to come together, then when they do, be completely in the present moment as the shutter is released.