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Nancy Villere

Nancy Villere
Phone: 949-290-4049
Mediums: Clothing, Jewelry, Painting, Photography
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

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Nancy Villere
Nancy Villere

Compelled by art for most of her life, Nancy Villere of Villere Design has taken her prowess in professional photography to a place of transcendence with her most recent collection of paintings. Her expertise in capturing the female form with a flash has allowed this artist to acutely depict deeply personal renderings of the woman’s body in her debut compilation of Figurative paintings.

This collection of paintings, along with her Graffiti Art, Still Life, Dessert and Abstract collections, has been primarily composed during her diagnosis and recovery of breast cancer. Villere refers to her cancer diagnosis as the “divine intervention that had me stop my world for a minute to let these paintings out.” The artist’s personal connection to this particular body of work is a true testament to her devotion to art in every genre as one of the most powerful forms of self-expression and human exploration.

“These figures come out of me very organically. I’ve become a conduit for painting the female form, which is so beautiful, and there are so many ways to express it. I never tire of finding and exploring the beauty in a woman’s shape, whether it’s through painting or photography.” ~ Nancy Villere of Villere Design

A free-spirited, Southern California native with an admirable appreciation for life, Villere has spent much of her successful career focused on capturing inner and outer beauty by providing professional boudoir and commercial photography services through her company Crush Photo Studios. She also shoots magazine covers and fashion editorial spreads for local and national publications, gaining an innate ability to depict the unexpected beauty in each and every subject that comes through her studio. Translating these often-therapeutic experiences from one medium to the next seemed serendipitous and natural to this passionate artist.