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Nevada Silva

nevada silva
Phone: 949-397-5747
Mediums: Metal, Mixed
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

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Nevada Silva

In his early twenties, Nevada Silva earned his living by installing and repairing air conditioning and heating units for commercial businesses and as a journeyman sheet-metal specialist. The work was hard and the hours were long, but it paid the bills. With company cut backs, Nevada was forced into a career change, which ended up being a very good thing. That crisis, he said, put him on a path that would lead him to his true calling; art.

At 27 and while living in Modesto California, Nevada started creating works of art out of metal. Each one of his pieces begins with a specific vision that is physically manipulated into a chosen metal. Working with a wide range of tools and equipment, Silva uses his extensive welding experience to create inspired productions using metals such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and bronze. Most of Nevada’s pieces are characterized by a unique finish created using an oxyacetylene torch that brings out the metals natural and brilliant colors. A fascinating chemical process also results in a kaleidoscopic array of patinas that truly are one of a kind. His creative display of colors and form are indescribably imaginative in sculptures ranging from freestanding, interior and exterior furnishing, decorative fences and gates, custom doors, railings, light fixtures, and water features. An unlimited number of possibilities in metal!