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Olivia Batchelder

Batchelder Silk
Phone: 949-280-9785
Mediums: Clothing, Painting
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

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Olivia Batchelder
Olivia Batchelder

Award winning artist Olivia Batchelder has created many paintings, silk scarves, and silk art to wear.  A 30-year Sawdust exhibitor, she has taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses locally, as well as workshops all over the world.  She studied art at UC Irvine, later learned silk painting from master silk painters, then studied batik in Malaysia.  She’s exhibited her artwork in Italy, Japan, Southeast Asia, Los Angeles, New York, and Laguna Beach.  See her art clothing locally at Duet Laguna.  Olivia has taught advanced workshops at Silk Painters International conference, corporate meetings, as well as private lessons.  In 2016, she was honored locally as Laguna Beach Artist of the Year.  For Sawdust Art Classes she leads you through an exciting painting project, having the drawing already on the silk canvas when you arrive. She is a great resource for all levels of study.