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pattijo kiraly
Phone: 949-497-9791
Mediums: Jewelry
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

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Hi, I’m PattiJo. I started designing jewelry in high school and got a job here in Laguna Beach as a stonecutter in 1978. By the time I was 24 I was in the Sawdust Art Festival. In 2009 I celebrate my 25th year in the festival.I fell in love with pearls in 1983 and saw the need for unique designs which would capture the beauty of a pearl. Since then I have devoted myself to creating pieces which enhance their charm and character. When I started making my type of jewelry the term ˜wire wrap’ didn’t even exist. I like to think that I had something to do with the popularity of this special craft movement.

I create each piece by hand using a variety of techniques: hammering, die plates, bending and twisting metal. The final touch is always the pearls which are wrapped around the metal pieces. My signature design is the Patti Jo Pearl Twist Bracelet. I have the copyright on this design because it is my own original concept. I am proud to claim it as my own and delight in every single bracelet that I make. Beyond my bracelet you’ll also see many one-of-a-kind necklaces and pendants and a whole array of interesting earring designs.

I love to travel and have been very lucky to see lots of interesting places around the world. You’ll see some photos of me in some exotic places and some not so exotic. I think that travel makes me see my life differently and inspires new ideas in art. Making jewelry is my life’s passion. I believe that it keeps me focused and has made me a better person. I am happy that you are interested in my work. Please take a look at my site.