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Paul Proppe

Phone: 949-378-7691
Mediums: Leather
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

paul proppe
Paul Proppe

As a lifelong Laguna Beach resident, I began making leather goods in 1969. I graduated from UCSB in 1972 and joined the sawdust family of artists for my first summer show. I began with hand tooled colorful belts, wallets and sandals. 

As the years passed, I developed my line of soft leather handbags, backpacks and waist bags. In 1974, l joined the Festival of Arts, as well, making leather trunks, wall pieces and handbags until 1994.                            

Today, I make a variety of leather goods using only the finest hides incorporating abalone shells, turquoise and fringe. I’m looking forward to future shows to present my latest work. 

The sawdust festival has been a unique venue that has enabled me to raise my family and prosper in Laguna, our home town.  I am deeply grateful….