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Paul Renner

Phone: 949-295-3136
Mediums: Photography
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

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Paul Renner
Paul Renner

Born and raised in East Africa, Paul Renner spent his childhood exploring the tremendous natural beauty of the vast Serengeti. Living among the native tribes, he learned the Swahili language, as well as the art of tracking, and observing animals in their natural habitats. As a teenager Paul moved to Kijabe, Kenya to a school perched high on the escarpment overlooking the Great Rift Valley. On weekends and holidays Paul explored Lake Nakuru and surrounding areas with his Brownie Box camera making images that depicted the great diversity of animal and bird life, together with the natural beauty of the rugged landscape. Those first magnificent images are among Paul’s most treasured possessions. Eventually, Paul departed his native Africa and moved to America to further his education. He now resides in Laguna Beach, California. where he earns his living in photography, by selling his fine art images to collectors throughout the world. When leading private photo safaris in search of stunning wildlife images, Paul willingly shares with his clients, his talent in photography, knowledge of wildlife and his passion and love for his homeland of Africa. The skills Paul learned in his youth, give him a tremendous advantage in the search for wildlife thus getting his clients in the perfect location to photograph from the best possible vantage points. Join Paul Renner on an African Photo Safari and let your photographic vision come to light on a  as you capture those rare once in a lifetime images you will treasure forever.