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Rachel Goberman

Mediums: Jewelry
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

rachel goberman
Rachel Goberman

Rachel is an award winning contemporary jewelry artist. Living in Laguna Beach, California since she was 8 years old…born of an artistic family and early on creating just about anything and everything to wear! Rachel’s extensive travel helped to form who she is today and her fascination with the history of adornment and beads. Trained at the Jewelry Art Institute in New York City, she integrates her background of classical jewelry techniques; enameling, bezel setting and chain making, with her love of various metals and natures gemstones and pearls, into a completely fresh approach to jewelry, all her own creation. Each piece is fabricated by hand, utilizing cold joinery applications and Rachel’s own personal design touch. She also enjoys playing with the natural patinas of metals. Rachel is constantly designing and creating, inspired daily by the amazing possibilities of natures resources…