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Rosanne Nitti

Phone: 949-315-9104
Mediums: Mixed, Photography
Exhibitor: Summer Festival, Winter Fantasy

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rosanne nitti
Rosanne Nitti

I grew up in a rural area of Southern California where we grew our own vegetables, played in the mud and tended to various farm animals, I was always out taking photographs of what was in my own backyard. Whether it be animals, mushrooms or the old barn.  I like to see the beauty and design of the ordinary.

 At 26 I moved to Maui and Oahu in Hawaii, I went with $50 and a backpack and stayed 15 years.  I then moved to Florida and Virginia Beach, I’ve lived near the ocean for most of my life.  Hence you will see “Art inspired by the Sea’

My two recent projects “Under the Pier” and “Mission Mission” fulfill my passion for architecture, the ocean and old buildings. I love the lines and designs in structures and my work brings out every little crack and crevice. 

 When a collector purchases one of my works, the story behind their “why” is what makes me smile. When you share your childhood memories, love stories and special moments of the locations I photograph, I know I’m not alone in my quest to record these precious landmarks. 

Although primarily self-taught, I have been mentored by old school film and darkroom masters. The darkroom was a place I would go to make magic happen. I create by taking what I see with my eye to the camera and back to the eye. I see the world as though I’m looking through the lens and capture it as I see it. I still shoot with film, although most of my work is now processed digitally.