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Printmaking Workshop

February 19, 20, 22, 23 • 10AM-12PM

Each class will explore a different technique in the art of Printmaking. Some classes may have two or three different activities, giving students a better understanding of how that art material and method works. Students can participate in all four days of Art Camp for $150 or take an individual class for $50. Ages 7+ are welcome!

Monotype Printing:
Botanical Leaf & Reductive Methods
Monday 2/19 | 10AM-12PM

Botanical Leaf Monotypes are a fun way to incorporate nature into this printing process. Using leaves from our Sawdust grounds, along with water soluble crayons, you will arrange the leaves onto a plexiglass plate, choosing a background color of printing ink. Using reductive methods, we can create magical monotone designs from abstracts to landscapes!

Monotype Printing:
Stencils & Additive Methods
Tuesday 2/20 | 10AM-12PM

Create beautiful designs working with different shapes to create your own stencils. This method uses color in a unique way, allowing you to use the same method to create several different designs depending on your choice of composition.

Foam Relief Prints
& Dry Point Etching
Thursday 2/22 | 10AM-12PM

Learn to use Styrofoam as a simple but very effective way of printing. Using just a pencil, you will ‘draw’ your design onto the plate which will then be transferred onto paper. The process is similar to Dry Point Etching, except you will be using an etching tool instead of a pencil, and a plastic plate (acetate) instead of Styrofoam. With both you create a re-usable etch so you can create multiple prints of your unique design!

Linocut Printing
Friday 2/23 | 10AM-12PM

Using Speedball Easy Cut lino blocks, you will create a design into the surface of the block with a small v shaped chisel; the raised uncarved areas will be inked and then impressed onto paper. You will be able to take multiple prints from one block.

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