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Sawdust Youth Art Camp

Fun and educational, Sawdust Youth Art is aimed at children aged 10 to 18. This program will cover a variety of different art forms including printmaking, painting, ceramics, and mixed media.

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Ski Week Art Camp

Spring Break Art Camp

Each class will explore a different medium, and some classes may have two or three different activities, giving students a better understanding of how that art material works. Students can participate in the entire workshop or take individual classes.

As a special incentive, those who take the entire Sawdust After-School Art Workshop will be given a free tote bag. This tote will be your ‘art’ bag for you to keep all your supplies: a Sawdust sketchbook, pencil, brush, and watercolor paints. You will also receive a folder to store all your beautiful artwork so that you can start your own mini portfolio!

 More class details will be available soon.

Please email us at to join the waitlist or with any questions.