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Palette Knife Painting

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palette knife painting

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Painting with a palette knife creates a sense of color vibrancy that is added to the artwork. The viewer is drawn into a visual array of color and texture.

At first it may seem different to learn painting with a palette knife but with little practice and step by step guidance students will be amazed at what can be achieved. This is one of the most rewarding techniques that produce absolutely eye-catching effects.

What to bring

Please bring copy of receipt printed or on mobile device when you come to class. Thanks.


$95.00 per student. All materials included.

Meet the Teacher

Carole Boller

Transformation is at the heart of Boller’s paintings. Each time she paints she approaches the canvas without baggage. Her concept for the piece begins without a preconceived attachment to what “should be” and lets the work evolve and communicate through shadows and color. Intrigued by light, she relies on the sensitivity of her eye and clarity of her memory to keep the scene alive as she intuitively reaches for opaque pigments that transform into translucent atmosphere when juxtaposed on canvas. When looking at one of her paintings, one partakes in the pleasure she surely felt in achieving her goal, and thus is also transformed by her vision. “Color is my day long obsession and joy. It washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

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