Dan Witte

Posted on May 20, 2009 by Sawdust Art Festival

Dan Witte was introduced to photography as an art form, years before achieving any commercial success. His father who was developing his own black & white images in a converted closet when Dan was a child was a primary influence. Extensive darkroom experience as well as years of on location black and white imaging, has resulted in an unmistakable dramatic style in keeping with the world’s best known photographic artists.

Dan specializes in subjects ranging from the natural wilderness, rustic European or exotic Africa. As an avid rock climber, private pilot with an instrument rating, expert skier, snowboarder and general back country explorer, much of his work is influenced or inspired by the outdoor activities and travels these avocations take him to. He makes his home in the Laguna Beach art colony with his family, trusted devoted dog and one very suspicious cat.

Martin Robert’s Comments about Dan Witte

I have known Dan since we ran in a circle of creative friends from high school in Fullerton, CA; a place we termed ‘sugar mountain’ for some who were well healed, but believe me, we never had the silver spoons from our beloved working-class families.

We traveled and photographed the world when we didn’t have a dime, nearly getting swept away in South America as we attempted to cross rivers in our mortgaged truck or hiding from the Bolivian revolution desperate for fresh air in the stinging tear gas. Now we can afford to travel, take the family, and not have to look for a sixty-six cent hotel room.

Dan is an avid image maker, always shooting, never caring whether his photographic images earn a penny. His full color work transcends the boundaries of what the public expects in a color photograph because he shoots like he’s handling black and white film. And his black and whites are truly remarkable.