First Inaugural Shuttle Riders to Sawdust Festival

Posted on July 12, 2016 by Sawdust Art Festival

Jodi’s first visit to the Sawdust Art Festival started with a ride in the new OC shuttle. Jodi and her visiting family from Las Vega    s and Utah took part in the very first ride and when asked where they wanted to go, they replied, “The Sawdust Festival.” Mayor Steve Dicterow was among Jodi and her family as they rode to the Sawdust. “The bus is air conditioned and it’s just a really nice ride.” Sawdust Festival president, Jay Grant, was there to meet the first group of shuttle riders and accompanied them into the show, free of charge.summer breeze

“We’re excited and we’re going to take the shuttle back. Now we’re going to spend a beautiful day in Laguna.”



* Jodi read about the shuttle in the OC Register