Karen Williams Smith

Posted on October 1, 2010 by Sawdust Art Festival

Karen Williams Smith – Touch Stone Artwork

Stones with a Spirit

Many of us have interesting and unusual talents.   I connect to rocks.   I can feel their energy and at times I can actually get impressions from a stone.   Rocks seem to be a little like children.   They often collect strong emotions from the people and the environment around them.   Our eyes see a person or a rock, but science tells us we are all made of the same basic bits of moving energy.   Perhaps my energy and the energy of rocks are similar.   Whatever the reason, rocks and I seem to connect in an unusual and interesting way.   

For years I have been able to look at a stone and see images of all kinds.   The cracks, holes, sections, and colorations seem to become all sorts of things in my mind.   Many artists use rocks for their canvases. Usually, they paint only one picture on the surface of the rock.   When I look at a rock I see many images. There are whole colonies of individual critters and humans.   I outline what I see until the entire rock is full of images.   As I draw I think only positive thoughts.   If I know who is getting the rock I think good thoughts about that specific individual.   When the rock is finished Higher energy, my energy, and the rock’s energy seem to be blended in the stone.   Most collectors can feel that energy when they hold my stones and they find the rock comforts them in some wonderful, spiritual way.   

Touch Stone Artwork uses my talent to make comforting stones in many ways.   To add a bit of history and interest to my art I use rocks gathered from fascinating places from all over the world.   I add my drawn rocks to paintings on canvas, jewelry, river rock collages, and they are sprinkled on the beaches of my ocean paintings.   Sculptures called “Keepers” in a variety of media have pockets to nestle a single stone or small groups of stones.   Touch Stones are also sold individually in a three sizes.   Rock collectors abound.   Many people collect stones during their travels.   I can turn their collections into custom-made artwork they can hang on the wall so they don’t get piled on a windowsill.   

Each rock is unique so I never know what I will see when I look for images.   I find it thought-provoking that some rocks seem to find a special person.   The images or the contour of a rock seems specially made for a specific collector without my doing it on purpose.   That is pretty magical when it happens.   I feel good when one of my rocks helps a collector feel special and loved.   I enjoy helping the world be a better place one Touch Stone at a time.

Karen Williams Smith