Lahila Oppenheimer

Posted on September 29, 2009 by Sawdust Art Festival

Artist Profile

The energy of Lahila’s art is manifested in her art. Lahila is an extraordinarily happy, energetic person. She is highly passionate and exuberant about life. Lahila is also a strongly spiritual person. Her connection with a Higher Power is at the core of her being. All of these positive feelings are radiated from her artwork. You will never find an unwholesome unsupportive theme in Lahila’s art.

Lahila’s motto is: “What you surround yourself with, you become”. Why surround yourself with dark, unhappy, or sedate artwork? Choose to be happy and alive, and spiritually in-tune. Surround yourself with art that support these choices. Absorb the artworks positive and stimulating feelings into yourself, your family, and your environment.
Art Shows

• Art Shows in CA
• Gallery & Gallery-Restaurant Exhibits
• Private Collections (USA and Europe)

About the Work

Lahila works with acrylic paint on canvas and glass. She also applies metal acrylics, airbrushing, and occasional precious metal flakes to achieve a luminous bright and positive effect.