Lupe Blanton

Posted on May 20, 2009 by Sawdust Art Festival

Lupe began her career in floral art as a young girl helping her grandmother in her flower shop located in the central market place in Guadalajara, Mexico. By her mid teens, Lupe’s talent and hard work enabled her to buy a shop of her own (next to grandma’s of course). Having a natural artistic gift for color combinations and floral arrangements, she began creating her own interpretation of paper flowers. Lupe began displaying her art at the various art festivals around Mexico and soon became well respected among the craftsmen there. Soon by popular demand she was supplying her paper flowers to international distributors.  

In 1991 Lupe immigraated to the USA. As luck would have it, the first place she stopped was Laguna Beach. Lupe continued to design floral arrangements in various local flower shops and ultimately began experimenting with clay. The results are the ceramic flowers you see. From the beginning, Lupe has insisted that all her ceramic floral creations, like her paper creation, be made totally by hand. Consequently, as in nature, no two flowers are exactly alike. Lupe is thrilled to be an artist in the Sawdust Art Festival and hopes you enjoy her flowers as much as she enjoys making them. If you have any questions about how any of her flowers are made, please feel free to ask. If you are lucky, maybe she’ll create one on the spot especially for you!!!