Mary Murray

Posted on September 29, 2009 by Sawdust Art Festival

Mary Murray is a fused glass artist in Laguna Beach, CA. She has worked in ceramics and glass since 2002 after retiring from a career in computer systems.

Mary was an exhibitor in the Sawdust Art Festival, the Sawdust Winter Fantasy, and the Sawdust Art Studio Tour in 2004-2006, and in the Winter Fantasy 2009.

Her fused glass plates have frequently been featured in the Studio Arts Gallery’s monthly exhibits of glass tableware since the gallery opening in October 2006.

Mary’s fused glass pieces are created in the artist’s home studio in Laguna Beach. Designs are constructed from hand cut pieces of fusible art glass, and are fused in a kiln at about 1450 °F. A second firing is done at about 1300 °F to “slump” the glass into a molded form, such as a platter or bowl. During each of the two firings, the glass stays in the kiln for over 24 hours to insure proper annealing.

All of the designs are the artist’s originals, using themes from the natural surroundings in the Laguna Beach area. Each piece is engraved with the artist’s signature.