Michael Thorstensen

Posted on May 20, 2009 by Sawdust Art Festival

MICHAEL THORSTENSEN is an ARTIST and PHOTOGRAPHER living in Laguna Beach, California. His artwork has been exhibited throughout Southern California, including the San Diego Art Institute, the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, The Millard Sheets Gallery in Los Angeles, and several locations here in Laguna Beach.   His pieces have also been shown in New York City, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and at Boise State University, Idaho, where one critic described his artwork as being “the most comical and simultaneously heartbreaking work in the show”.
Michael creates PHOTO BASED ART.   With the use of a few creative software programs, he has taken his photography to a whole new level of artistic expression and creates unique works of art: playing with flora, producing “political art”, working within surrealism, and creating unique PET ART.
Michael is happy to create a custom portrait of your favorite canine or feline buddy.   If you are interested in getting a custom portrait and/or have any questions, please contact him at michael@lagunacowpokedesign.com.