Posted on June 4, 2010 by Sawdust Art Festival

Mira Lisa, a contemporary abstract artist and colorist, studied and trained with prominent instructor Françoise Gilot (French born artist known for her studies and relationship with Picasso   from 1946 to 1953), along with Danya Mason and Karen Russo. The artist was further influenced by the works of Chagall, Matisse, Kandinsky and Van Gogh.   Each painting is a visual symphony; expressing an inner realm, where a vibrant reality fuses with daily life.     Privately collected for two decades, Mira Lisa makes her home in Laguna Beach, California.

“I was not inspired to become an artist; I believe I was destined to live as one.
  To create art, to live art, is a part of the Divine Plan for my life.
– Mira Lisa

The quote that carries me as an artist is by Paul Gauguin, “Art is either plagiarism or a revolution. ”   

The first artist to inspire me was the work of Heri Matisse, specifically his “Red Room.” Two other great masters were Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky, who wrote “Concerning the Spiritual in Art;” and Vincent Van Gogh (who’s anniversary death is the same day as my birthday, July 29), who passionately sought a soulfulness – a truthfulness in all things, inspite of his many hardships.

My work continually evolves and circles back around.   My process today is one of observing my immediate environment, from the clouds in the sky, the colors of the ocean, the shapes and shadows of leaves in a tree to the spring morning fog in the Laguna Canyon.   I study what I see with great intent and I bring these images home to my studio to express what I have seen and felt.     I work with palette knife, cloth and brush on canvas primarily.   Colors, textures, shapes and tones are a tool of my emotions.   Various colors and tones convey an emotional experience.   Symbols, such as angelic figures, leaves, flowers, geometrics, eyes, women faces, primitive figures are another source of my expression. I use these for the purpose of experiencing a sense of beauty and freedom within myself, in one form or another.   Nothing feels more beautiful and freeing for me than ‘being with’ that which is beautiful; a very subjective reality, but a reality none the less: A reality I seek to create within each work.