Nadine Nordstrom

Posted on May 20, 2009 by Sawdust Art Festival

I began my career life as an RN. Subsequently raised four children, earned a PhD. in Clinical Psychology and opened up a practice as the children got older.

All the while, ceramics has always been of great interest, but the only times I could work with clay was as a Girl and Boy scout leader. Not much, but an impetus nontheless.

When I moved to Laguna Beach seventeen years ago, I felt that the time was ripe to actually do what I have felt   a “years long” yearning to do. I began taking Ceramics classes, first in the Saddleback Emeritus program and then switching to the Saddleback campus.

The learning process is slow, with some successes and many failures. But, that tiny modicum of success has always   enabled me to keep trying, to keep learning, experimenting and growing as a potter.