Rosanne Nitti

Posted on May 20, 2009 by Sawdust Art Festival

I have wanted to be a photographer since getting my first camera at age 17…a Minolta 201. I fell in love with photography and started snapping away. Through the years I have learned to always have some kind of camera on hand, you just never know.

I am primarily self taught. I have taken several classes here and there, however, I really came into my own while taking Black & White Darkroom classes in Virginia Beach at the Contemporary Art Center, and studied under master photographer Kate Kronick. I have spent hours on end in the darkroom, it’s a place where I can go to “not think.” Kate also helped guide me into the digital age, fighting and kicking against my grain. I am a purist when it comes to photography. I don’t believe in using Photoshop to create a great image. I believe it should come from the eye to the camera and back to the eye. I love Black & White images for their contrast, warmth and mystery.

I see the world as though looking through a lens and try to capture it as I see it. My Orange County and Local California work is a work in progress, I have traveled all over the world and to most U.S. cities creating images, but sometimes overlook the thing that’s closest, my own backyard.

Most of the images you see will have a familiar tone to them, they are local spots in the Southern California area. I am lucky to live and work in Laguna Beach which is a daily inspiration with it’s gorgeous coastline, fantastic weather and wonderful supportive people of the “arts.”