2013 Sawdust Artist Series: Olivia Batchelder

Posted on July 22, 2014 by Sawdust Art Festival

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The latest episode in our 2013 Sawdust Artist Video Series features the skilled silk painter, Olivia Batchelder. A Sawdust exhibitor for 27 years, Batchelder calls herself a “colorist” as it’s the color potential of silk that is the primary interest of her process.   

Not only does Batchelder paint gorgeous patterns on silk, she also creates one-of-a-kind art clothing with her fabrics. The process begins with Batchelder putting her silk on a frame stretcher and using dyes to paint landscapes inspired by nature onto the fabric. After texturizing with salt crystals and setting the dyes with steam, Batchelder begins the process of transforming her fabric paintings into wearable art.

Batchelder has a graceful way of translating natural landscapes into her fluid patterns. As she says, “I love the responsibility of the artist to pull things out of the universe that can’t be said any other way than visually”. Watch as Batchelder demonstrates her beautiful technique.