2013 Sawdust Artist Series: Patrick Moran

Posted on May 29, 2014 by Sawdust Art Festival

The latest episode in our 2013 Sawdust Artist Video Series features prolific oil painter, Patrick Moran. Moran’s artistic drive comes from a desire to continually evolve: be it his skillset, his ideas or artistic process. Moran works voraciously to “master [his] medium”, and it shows in his body of work.

These vibrant and intricately detailed event scenes start as thumbnail sketches, where Moran maps out his composition. However, it’s the process of spontaneous creation that ultimately takes over.   As Moran states, “I may have an idea of what I want, but it’s actually the process of making the painting that decides what it’s going to be and that is exciting ‘til the end”.

Watch as Moran reveals his unique process from inside his studio.