2013 Sawdust Artist Series: Introducing Sean Hunter Brown

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Sawdust Art Festival

  As we begin the spring season, each day gets a  little bit longer in anticipation of summer.   At the   Sawdust Art Festival, summer is a time to reunite with fellow artists  within the community and allow  ourselves to be inspired anew. As part of the countdown to this summer’s art festival, we will be  releasing  exclusive behind-the-scenes clips of  our artists. The series captures the artist’s in their  element  and chronicles their unique processes for  future generations of creators to see.

The first clip in the series highlights one of our  newer exhibitors Sean Hunter  Brown. A Laguna Beach native and  waterman extraordinaire, Sean captures the magic of  ocean photography in ways you’ve never seen before. The  fluidity of his works is juxtaposed by the hard aluminum panels on which they are printed. The result is a breathtaking snapshot that most people don’t get to  experience on their own.  With his lens and underwater housing unit, Brown manages to make the fleeting moments of his liquid landscape  permanent  for your viewing pleasure. Watch him in action in this exclusive clip!