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Laguna Beach, CA – Sawdust Art Festival presents 2010 Spring Into Art, two-day weekend workshops offering the ever-popular glass-blowing classes, and a wide variety of other exciting media including painting in acrylics and oils, fabric collage, mixed media collage, watercolor painting, ceramics, flower arranging and more. Workshops include one-on-one instruction with local artists and fees include all materials and supplies needed. Workshops are held during weekends in March. Schedule of classes below:

Class: Beautiful Crystalline Glazing of Ceramics
Instructor: Mark Winner; Dates: March 20 & 21
Finally, a how-to-do crystalline glaze class that will teach you how to seed your piece, glaze it, place a catcher on it, and learn firing schedules, reduction, and various techniques will be discussed.   Learn the beautiful technique of crystalline glazing – this will be for the techie at heart – you’ll have a minimum of two pieces upon completion of the class (provided, unless you have a qualified piece to submit). $165 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class: Glass-blowing
Instructor: Gavin Heath; Dates: March 6 & 7
With over 20 years experience, Gavin will teach students to how to blow glass and experience the process of turning molten glass into works of art. Hands-on basic and intermediate skills in glassblowing.   At the end of the weekend students will leave with artwork they have personally created. $265 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class: Glass-blowing
Instructor: Loren Chapman; Dates: March 13 & 14
Learn how to blow glass from long-time Sawdust glass artist, Loren Chapman. In this class, you will learn the important fundamentals of glass-blowing. Students will take home glass art they have created. $265 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class: Glass-blowing
Instructor: Christopher Jeffries; Dates: March 20 & 21
This glass-blowing class is a beginner and intermediate class designed for students of all skill level. We will be learning the basic skills involved to work with glass. Getting to know the equipment in the hot shop and becoming familiar with the tools we use in the studio. $265 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class: Glass-blowing
Instructor: Jason McQuaid; Dates: March 27 & 28
Come blow glass! This hands-on workshop will include one day of solid sculptural work, and one day of hand-blown glass. Students will keep their finished work and average five pieces during this workshop. No experience necessary. $265 class fee includes all supplies and materials needed.

Class: Art of Flower Arranging
Instructor: Dennis Junka; Dates: March 13 & 14, 20 & 21, 27 & 28
Creative floral designs. Learn the secrets of flower preparation and tips from florist Dennis Junka (Sawdust illustrator exhibitor).   Bring your own containers and take home 3-4 arrangements per day.   Special scavenger hunt for found object natural floral design. $165 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class: Mixed Media Collage
Instructors: Cherril Doty and Suzette Rosenthal; Dates: March 13 & 14, 27 & 28
We will be exploring different forms of self-expression and artistic identity in a positive, supportive, and free-flowing setting.   This is an opportunity to play in and with a variety of media, methods, and materials such as paint, papers, fibers, and more to create an art piece, begin an art journal, produce artist trading cards to exchange, and myriad of other exciting possibilities.   Collage techniques, textural substrates, image transfer techniques – it is all a possibility in this class.   Whether an aspiring artist or an established one, this class is just plain fun! $165 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class: Pen, Ink & Acrylic with Pencil on Paper & Canvas
Instructor: Sue Winner; Dates: March 20 & 21, 27 & 28
Get the inside secrets of drawing/painting the human form.   You will be discovering your own style with an emphasis on imagination stimulation.   Angels, demons, creatures, and maiden faire – learn figure drawing/painting with a twist of imagination.   You will have at least one finished painting when you’re done.   A model(s) in fanciful garb will be the subject of your final painting – with a surprise twist!   Learn to see what you don’t normally see and create a finished piece of art that will celebrate your unique view on life. Warning – be prepared to have fun! $165 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class: Textile Embellishment
Instructor: Olivia Batchelder; Dates: March 27 & 28
Learn to embellish fabric by mixing and layering five different textile techniques: needle felting, painting, printing, embroidery, and beading. We will make useful fabric collages or decorative clothing. Bring a garment you already have, or use the many lush materials provided to make a collaged artwork. $165 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class: Acrylic Painting
Instructor: Doug Miller; Dates: March 6 & 7
Acrylic painting on paper or canvas for first-timers who want to see what it is like to mix the colors.   Painting without a palette due to the very quick drying time of the paint.   A unique style taught nowhere else as far as I know.   This class is for beginners at any age including children. $165 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class: Acrylic & Oil Painting
Instructor: Charleine Guy; Dates: March 13 & 14
This two-day workshop is for beginners, intermediate and beyond. Students can expect to paint one painting each day: flowers on the first day and a simple ocean scene on the second. Instructor and Laguna Beach artist, Charleine Guy, will provide one-on-one instruction and lots of fun, covering: process of sketching and blocking, colors to use to achieve personal effects, how to create a paint of interest, basics of light and dark, and final phase is layering, key notes, lost and found edges. $165 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class: Oil Painting
Instructor: John Eagle; Dates: March 13 & 14, 20 & 21, 27 & 28
Learn the basic steps of creating a successful landscape painting from Laguna Beach impressionist painter John Eagle. Capture a local seascape and landscape scene. Emphasis will be on value, design and harmony. Beginners to intermediate painters are welcome. Just show up and be ready to paint! $165 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class: Painting Seascapes
Instructor: Susan Wade; Dates: March 13 & 14
This class will focus on how to approach complexities in seascape paintings by simplifying your compositions.   Artists will learn how to see the abstract shapes in waves, sunlight, reflections, and rocks.   We will also look at how light, depth, and various surroundings affect the color of the sea and how to paint it. I teach a quick and easy painting method that takes a contemporary approach to painting.   It is a fun and easy technique that is good for beginner painters and/or artists seeking to loosen up their brush strokes. Every artist will complete two clean, bright, painterly seascape paintings. Artists will learn how to: focus on simple and abstract shapes of an ocean scene, sketch with a brush, mix sophisticated colors, and apply acrylic paint to canvas with clean, confident brush strokes. $165 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class: Watercolor Painting
Instructor: Lydia Delgado; Dates: March 13 & 14, 27 & 28
Learn the great art of watercolor painting on watercolor paper. Explore color and composition with real flowers. Create your own style to hang in your home. Beginners welcome. $165 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class: Watercolors on Silk
Instructor: Rosemarie Rossi; Dates: March 6 & 7, 13 & 14, 20 & 21, 27 & 28
This media is now a last art in Japan.   A few artists are keeping it alive here in Japan. You will experience the joy of painting on silk with watercolors.   Its peacefulness and beauty will be a great learning time.   The silk is stretched on a wooden frame and then painted on with the watercolors.   Afterwards, the painting is matted and framed. $165 class fee includes all materials needed.

Class space is limited. To register or for more information on the Sawdust’s 2010 Spring Into Art workshops, please navigate to or call 949-494-3030. The Sawdust Art Festival is located at 935 Laguna Canyon Road in Laguna Beach.

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