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Leather Medicine Pouch

Give the Gift of Art

Leather Artist Carrie Rae welcomes you into her studio to share in her knowledge, skills, and meditative process for connecting with the spirit of leather. Using supple top-quality elk, deer, and bison hides, Carrie believes in listening deeply to what these magnificent materials naturally reveal, thus allowing you to trust your own inner, creative self.

Each participant will select from an array of design options, leathers, and accents to create a meaningful and unique piece of art. This could be in the form of a necklace, or a medicine pouch that might hold something sacred to you, worn close to your heart.

The class will be held in Carrie’s studio in Laguna Beach.  Exact location details will be provided upon registration. Classes are transferrable but not refundable and the price is fully inclusive of all materials, including top quality leather hide.