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Abstract Self Portrait

Abstract Self Portrait with Maryam Rouhi 
Join Maryam Rouhi for a morning of abstract self-portraiture. She will walk you through the process of blocking in values using warm and cool colors to paint your best you! Discover unexpected textures using a variety of tools from paintbrushes to palette knives and beyond.
Unveil how color and form can transform your painting into a masterful self-portrait!

Class Max 15
$135.00 per class| Materials included
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Maryam Rouhi

About Maryam Rouhi

Maryam Rouhi is a Laguna Beach based artist with a bachelors degree in graphic design. She started her career in commercial art over 10 years ago. From the very beginning she knew that drawing and painting were her lifelong passion. Her continuous love for the female figure and portraiture has led to numerous drawings and paintings from live models. She works mainly in oils and captures the inner essence of the sitter. Her brush strokes and textures create an unforgettable experience for the viewer. Each colorful mark builds up a story, a life, and a passion. 
Maryam has received an award of excellence form the Dean at Saddelback College and shows her work at the Hugo Rivera Gallery and the Sawdust Art Festival.
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