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Navajo Beadworking


Learn the beautiful intricate art of Navajo beadworking with Lylah Jarvis! Students will create a pattern before weaving it onto a loom with beads utilizing a traditional method. Beadwork lends itself to creating intricate, colorful and beautiful designs that will be sewn onto leather for bracelets, barrettes, bags, purses, clothing, and moccasins or as your own original piece of work. Class is an all-day workshop and will include materials and the opportunity to purchase a beautiful handmade loom if you would like to continue beading at home.

$135.00 | Materials are included

Class Dates & Registration:

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Lylah Jarvis

About Lylah Jarvis

Lylah grew up on the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona and on 40 acres in Colorado. Her work is reminiscent of her childhood in these places as well as of her travels to New Zealand, Spain, Italy, and up and down the coasts of the United States. Her life experience and her relationship with the Navajo people and with nature fuel much of her creativity. She uses a number of different media to express her ideas, including blown glass, beadwork, sewn work, and printmaking.

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