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Experimental Wool Expressions

All art practices have elements of trial and error and this class is perfect for anyone with an open mind and curious nature. You’ll get to immerse yourself in the upfront process of a theoretical art project – where we explore a topic, consider design principles and then get hands on and experiment with forms. Think of it as a reenergizer for an artist looking for a break from their own practice, or as a springboard for anyone new to art and making. To get the exploration started, we invite you to bring along an object that you perceive as providing you good fortune or protection (this will be our topic for musing) – a lucky penny, Saint Christopher, Ganesha statue, rabbit’s foot or maybe an old subway train token – nothing is too weird! Our medium for experimentation will be wool felt and you will be shown the basic skills of needle felting to create forms.

Please bring copy of receipt printed or on mobile device when you come to class. Thanks.

$45.00 per student| All Materials Included

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Candice Brokenshire

About Candice Brokenshire

Candice graduated with a Psychology(Hons) degree in Great Britain, but chose to continue to work in London theaters, a pursuit she had started from an early age. Earning an appreciation and a jack-of-all-trades sensibility of the many artistic skills involved in live production – each with an emphasis on being able to tell a story. Building on that foundation she moved to a career in experiential design, conceiving experience narratives, plus staging them for various industries including automotive. For several years this entailed being on assignment in Detroit with clay underfoot in an automaker’s advanced design studio, developing stories alongside the concept car designers. This career path enabled further exposure to different mediums of storytelling and along with further training in color theory, textiles, design theory and material sustainability, today Candice can be found in her Laguna Canyon studio, where she creates art and functional objects with wool; spinning, felting and dyeing it naturally with plants and extracts.

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